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Our company started its activities in 1998 in the heavy duty machinery branch and started to serve the rental business machinery market in Istanbul due to the need in the developing years of our country. "The most reliable and robust used heavy machinery trade using new communications and computer technology to provide the right solutions to all customers in the world" in principle, set out Dincka Makina, said 21-year period in the world and in Turkey, used equipment industry in the biggest brand has managed to make sales of used heavy machinery. Due to the necessity of our country in the developing years, the rental business machines entered the market as well as rental machines to serve customers. We are trying to answer the need of mobile rock crusher and rental mobile crusher with the brand of rock crushers called metso mobile crusher (jaw crushers, mobile crusher plant etc.) and sandvik rock drill rigs which are called as top hammer surface drill rigs. At the same time we are serving as an expert in rock drilling prices, mobile crusher prices and any type of machine prices.
you're in correct address for rotary drilling in african soil. we are 35 years experienced drilling rig company. especially we are expert in sudan, ethiopia, somalia, kuwait, qatar, algeria, tunisia, nigeria. we are a family company. 4 brothers are working in every stage of manufacturing. so that we produce high quality rigs and we have happy customers. especially warranty; you will have one year warranty. in the beginning if you decided to buy any rig from us when it finishes one of our brothers come to your country and tests the machine in front of you and gives training to your workers for 7-10 days. also after buying a machine in one year if you have a problem with the rig in couple of days we come to your country and fix the problem. you cannot find this service in any other company that built drilling rig. now for 4 years the service station is in sudan for faster service in every country in africa. we are looking forward to have you here in our factory.
In 1995, Tekbor started manufacturing steel pipes from sheet metal plates using three plate bending machines. In 2004, under "TEKBOR" brand, the company has diversified its manufacturing by adding spiral welded steel pipes (SSAW) and straight type filtered borehole casing pipes to its arsenal. In its factory built in Diyarbakir's Bismil region, with its annual production capacity of 72.000 tons, the company continues its export oriented business in accordance with international standards. Our company has been increasing its quality of production by pursuing the developing technology since the day of its inception. We also make significant contribution to the economy of our country and our region with our business activities including spiral welded and filtered steel pipe manufacturing, polyethylene, epoxy, coal-tar, bituminous coatings.
Our company BENTAS BENTONIT A.S. was established in 2007 and it started to produce clumping cat litter from white bentonite reserves available in our country and exports cat litter to 56 countries in the world. Almost 90% of white bentonite reserves in Turkey is around Ordu-Unye-Fatsa. Important part of those reserves is in the trust of our company. We dominate more than 80% of Turkish cat litter market. We have almost 30 large wholesalers or business partners throughout the country. Furthermore, we are one of the first 3 companies in Europe both in terms of production capacity and packaging capacity. Today, we have a production capacity of 180.000 tons granule and we have provided the opportunity of employment to 170 qualified members of personnel.
Delkom CO., specialized on manufacturing spare parts for hydraulic/pneumatic rock drills, used in international mining sector, quarries and construction sector, is one of the leading players of its field, with 30 years of experience. With its high quality service, Delkom CO. is represented global rock drilling machinery market. Delkom CO., aims always to provide high quality in its field, gives service by combining its strong financial resources with its expertise on hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Delkom CO. improves always its manufacturing and supplying range which rock drilling machinery sector needed, by analysing its clients and Machinery sector’s needs, and offers solutions with minimum cost but maximum quality. Delkom CO. aims the best with a team of 60 people, with its 800 m2 closed area, with its high capacity machine park and with its confirmed quality management. Delkom CO. can manufacture and supply about 10000 different products and has capacity to manufacture 10000 pieces of products in a month. Delkom CO. manufacture and supply parts and give service for rock drills branded Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Furukawa, Ingersoll Rand, etc. Delkom CO. chose the Word” ready to supply” as key Word to reach the professional success.
GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. jointed the structure of GURIS Holding when it was founded in 1984 with name Guris Export Import and Marketing Co. Inc. The company, which underwent a change of name in 2010 and became GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. focused on concrete mixing plants and crushing & screening plants by correctly analyzing the facts of the country and the world since its foundation. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having achieved many worldwide successes in its field made significant contributions to the growth of the company along with other Holding Companies. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., having gained expertise on Concrete Mixing Plants and Crushing & Screening Plants became one of the enterprises that not only caught up with contemporary technology but also developed and produced this technology worldwide under its brand name. In addition to stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants, it succeeded in outcompeting its competitors about development of crushing & screening plants according to need and their foundation on a turnkey delivery basis and became operational worldwide. GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc., one of the favorite enterprises of GURIS Holding, after having made an agreement with the Japanese Furukawa Company, soon became one of the most important worldwide solutions partners in the field of Hydraulic Crawler Drills and Rock Breakers. The quality of the service given worldwide in the field of spare parts and service is one of the most significant successes of GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. In addition to being one of the leading enterprises of GURIS Holding and our country both in the past and in the future, GURIS Construction Machineries Industry Company Inc. also aims to strengthen its infrastructure, make more investments on Research and Development and produce more efficient products for its worldwide customers with purpose of delivering its operations and products to the whole world.
UMG manufactures and supplies alternative (aftermarket) spare parts of drilling rigs and drifters for Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Furukawa and many other brands. Our aim to provide the best quality
Our company, which is the oldest manufacturer of drilling rig and machines in the country, have been carrying on business since 2008 in Konya. At the core of our company's identity lie three principles: safety, environment and innovation. We are manufacturer of world standard drilling rigs and oilfield equipment. We specialize in the design, manufacture, repair & maintenance of mobile drilling rigs, rig ancillaries (i.e. complete solid control systems, pressure control equipment, camp components), cementing and acidizing units, water drilling rig. We at Hazeforage, seek to secure a position as a regional leader in the oil, gas and geothermal industry for simple and efficient oilfield equipment at very attractive prices.
Sany Is Makinalari A. S. made "customer satisfaction" principle with over 30 years of experience in quality service with honest trade ethics, knowledgeable and experienced team. As Sany Is Makinalari, our company, which carries the "Quality First" approach in its relations with its customers, has chosen to be friendly with all the institutions, organizations and individuals and to keep its pre-sales and after-services at the highest level.